Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How to Cut Grocery Costs and Still Eat a Variety of Healthy Foods!

 "As it becomes more and more expensive to eat, we are all trying to spread our food dollars further. There are a number of tricks I’ve learned that can help keep costs down but still allow you to enjoy quality, great tasting food. In fact, you may end up eating better when you start cutting costs than you did before!"

To read the rest of my article, click here - 7 Simple Secrets to Shrink Your Food Bill.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Chicken Illnesses - What You Need to Know to Spot Them Early and Treat Effectively

"Chickens are notorious for acting normal when sick, until they fall over. However, when you know what to look for and take a few extra minutes to look over your flock, you can catch things early and help healing and recovery begin before it’s too late."

Read more of my article here - 5 Simple Tips for Spotting and Treating Common Chicken Illnesses

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Monday, April 7, 2014

RedTail Hill Farm - A Country Weekend Escape - Beautiful Weather and Kid Nuzzles

I had an escape to the rural hills of Perry County this past weekend! Here are a few pictures of my parent's Kiko goat farm just at the end of kidding season. I believe they only had one more doe that was due and had tweny-two kids running around. 

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Here are two of the sweetest little kids. Very inquisitive and gentle personalities. Loved them!
Raven Lady is shedding out her winter coat. Usually she's a lovely glossy back, just like her babies. 

Not only is that a larger number (there are four kids there) for a goat mom, but she is managing to nurse all four (though not at the same time) without any supplementing with bottles. It's a special doe who can manage to do that!

And this is Rudy, a quality (and gentle - I took this picture just a few feet from him) buck, who can claim a good number of the kids that arrived this spring!

And, in closing, just a picture of one inquisitive kid and the fields dropping away in the background. I grew up here and love this view.