Monday, June 2, 2014

A little too much of me, a little too clearly . . .

As I read I sometimes come across quotes that resonate with me. One was from a interview of Camille T. Dungy shared in the May/Summer 2014 edition of The Writer's Chronicle

"The reflecting pool has a life of its own. So do my poems. When I am writing a world as I see it in that pool, I am writing what I see, and I have to account for the fact that anyone else looking in the pool brings in what they see too. They bring themselves, for one, and also sometimes a crazy old coot or two. A loon, perhaps. If you want to see yourself when I describe that loon, that's on you. And if the reflection you apprehend in my poem is such that you feel reproached, perhaps that is something you ought to address in your own heart. What I happen to see, and say, reflects me. I can't erase myself from what I see." 

It's a scary thing being a writer. The world says, "Don't share, or I will judge you." But the writer says, "I see, therefore I must share." 

People may see a little too much of me reflected a little too clearly in my writing...and it gives them power. If I let it.

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