Monday, March 10, 2014

Tackle Spring Cleaning In One, or Forty, Days!

 Spring is sending out hints of its upcoming arrival! Now's the time to tidy up the house, get rid of all that winter build-up and prepare yourself for a fresh start this lovely season!

Clean slowly, tackling one small project each day, 
over the next month and a half.
(I've found this the only way to make it happen with a toddler.)

Visit Clover Lane to learn how Sarah 
tackles Spring Cleaning over 40 days! 
(This is the process I'm using this year, 
though I'll admit, my list is a bit longer than 40.)


You can tackle spring cleaning all in one day.
(Get a babysitter first if your children are young.)

Caitlin M. offers two handy PDF printables for
spring cleaning done all in one day.

Happy Spring Cleaning and God Bless!

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